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The Adventure A1X is an ideal choice for MTBers, Gravel, Cyclocross and the Weekend Warrior.


Easy maintenance, made from marine vinyl (non-leather), the Adventure Series allows you to Wash and Go. No leather conditioner required!


Great for those who want a material that can handle the stress of heat, rain, exposure to sun, and any water adventures.


It has a “hammock” feel with the ability to sit in the pocket; and to shift position on the seat. Ideal for climbing and long distance.


The cyclist’s weight is distributed over the entire seat to accommodate: an aggressive forward pelvic tilt in the drop bars or aero position; an upright position or, if they have any limited Spinal Pelvic Range of Motion.


It features our signature full-cutout design frame covered with an 1/8 inch foam and individually, hand-crafted in marine vinyl.


The dimensions are 10.25 in (260.35 mm) by 6.5 in (165.1 mm). The inside sit bone to sit bone is 130 mm max. Weight: 265 grams.


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