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Image by Rachel Martin


The best way to spend your money on a bike

Riding a bike is not as easy as everybody would think.

It is of primary importance to be properly positioned on the bicycle and that the bicycle is of the right size according to your body measurements and ratios.

If you feel any sort of pain, be it back, neck, legs and knees, arms, or if you feel numbness in your feet or hands, or in your groin, chances are you are riding in the wrong way, or on the wrong bike.

Cycling should be a pain-free activity, and this can only be achieved with proper bike fitting.

Book a session with our experts, get your exact bike fit, and ride in a way you have never thought possible.

With a proper bike fit, you can ride more powerfully, efficiently, and most of all, without discomforts.

We apply UCI bike fitting methods, for the best results


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